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Symptoms of Low Testosterone

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone and How Can You Boost It?

In the world of bodybuilding, ‘testosterone’, a widely used term. A hormone produced in both men and women but more relevant to men. Especially those into bodybuilding. The reason is that testosterones are abundantly found in men as compared to women. These hormones come from the male testicles and hold key to performing better at the workout as well as in bed.

Why Testosterone Is So Important

In men, testosterones hold a very important value and we just mentioned why. From affecting the appearance of a man to causing depression and bad health, testosterone health plays a key role in a man’s mental and physical development.

Key functions such as bone and muscle growth, sperm production and weight gain are directly dependent on testosterone levels so it’s understandable why a man can become depressed if things are not okay.

How to Tell if My T-Levels are Good?

Another common question men ask, is that how they can tell whether their T-levels are normal. We will find answers to this question in our discussion today. Low T-levels is a normal condition for men aged above 60. As you grow older, the T-levels keep coming down because of decaying health. According to some stats, 30% of men aged above 70 experience low test problems.

Let’s now jump to our primary question for today. How to tell if T-levels in my body need attention. Here are some common symptoms to look for:

Low Semen Volume

As we mentioned earlier, sperm production is directly dependent on T-Levels. One obvious sign of low T-levels is the low volume of semen production. The quantity of this milky fluid reduces while ejaculation if you have T-level problems.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Low-T levels will cause a reduction in mass. Mass production banks on proper testosterone levels. Studies show that muscle mass may reduce but it doesn’t affect strength and functionality of the muscles.

Hair Loss

If you’re balding, it doesn’t necessarily mean low T-levels. It happens to all aging men. However, if you’re losing facial hair as well then this is probably a sign of worry. Testosterone is important for hair production as well. Hence, hair loss is one of the signs that there might be a problem.

Erection Boner Problems

For a longer sex-drive, a longer erection is important. However, lower T-levels can cause problems in achieving an erection. Testosterone stimulates the production of nitric oxide which causes the erection.

It is also important to note that lower T-levels are not the only cause of erectile problems. In fact, there is no conclusive evidence that T-level treatment can alone resolve the issue.

Feeling Sleepy

Tiredness and fatigue are one of the obvious signs of low T-levels. If you’re usually tired, sleeping more than usual and don’t feel like exercising, there could well be a problem.

Mood Swings

As we mentioned earlier, Testosterone also affects the mental aspect of our body. Since many of our body functions do not go well with low testosterone, it directly affects our moods. Problems such as depression, lack of concentration, irritability, and others are pretty common in men with lower T-levels.

What to Do About Low-T Levels?

Thankfully, low testosterone can be treated and it’s easily available and affordable too. Experts suggest that the problem is best solved by treating the actual medical condition which triggers lower T-levels. According to many, weight loss and testosterone replacement therapy are found to be useful in helping eliminate the problem.

Restoring Testosterone Levels  With Testosterone-1™

Researchers have found some ways to give back to the body what it had lost. There are several ways to replace and introduce testosterones back into the body.

Here are some of the common methods:

Gels and Patches containing Testosterone are readily available in markets. Patients can apply these gels on the skin on regular basis to normalize the condition.

Testosterone steroids injections are also pretty common. These injections are to be taken every few weeks. The best idea is to take medical help rather than self-injecting.

Pellets containing testosterone can be applied to the buttock skin. These pellets release test in your body for up to four months.

Buccal system testosterone tablets are also available. They can be applied to the upper lip but they need to be changed every 12 hours.

Several other ways of treatment are available to treat lower test levels. If you feel like you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is better to seek medical help on the matter. You can also use testosterone supplements from Muscle Labs as they are free from side effects and offer quality results in no time.

Even though Low Test levels is a growing problem in men, there are enough good products to bring you back to the healthy level.

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Symptoms of Low Testosterone
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