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Laws Regarding Steroid Purchase & Use

Steroids Law

Steroid Law

Now, various specific reasons for these laws  strictly administered and applied. To understand them, one has to delve into the meaning of steroids and the potential health hazards associated with them. Sometimes, these laws, relatively complex for the lay person. That’s why we demystify these laws for you so that your life becomes much simpler and easier.

Take some time and zip through the meaning of steroids and dangers related to them. This will automatically explain the question of “Why laws associated with the use of steroids?” After that, we will detangle the laws associated with them for your understanding.

What Are Steroids?

Well, if you say steroids then the word synthetic,  associated with it. Steroids, synthetic hormones produced to treat various ailments. Doctors prescribe steroids and the prolonged use can lead to many adverse results. If it can heal some medical conditions like asthma, arthritis, it can also give somebody that coveted body. However, everybody has a price, small or big  paid here.

Types Of Steroids

There are three types of Steroids we will discuss.

Corticosteroids for anti-inflammation.

Legal Steroids provided as prohormones or dietary supplements.

Androgenic Steroids available by blackmarket or prescription only.

Corticosteroids are chemical compounds. Closely associated with the function of the hormone cortisol natural anabolicly secreted by the adrenal gland of our body.

Like cortisol hormone which helps the body to cope up with stressful situations. Like infection, inflammation, etc., Corticosteroids mimic the results by interfering the immune system of the body. The production of White Blood Cells. They suppress the production of inflammation-triggering substances called prostaglandins.

The act of meddling with the immune system gives rise to a long list of steroids. Some, right away harmful and severe like diabetes, skin thinning, cataract, acne, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, etc.,

Anabolic Androgenic Steroids

They are synthetic testosterone hormones that are administered to the body to increase the anabolic (Muscle building) and androgenic (sexual development) activities of the body.

The athletes greatly abuse these steroids for gaining miraculous body benefits.

However, the overuse of anabolic steroids leads to very detrimental effects like kidney tumours, liver tumours, jaundice, high blood pressure, etc.,

Now, after knowing the reason let us concentrate upon the essential laws and restriction put on their transaction and use.

Banned From Sports and Illegal

Surprisingly, use of steroids to increase the physical stamina used in athletes since the times of the Greek Olympics. The use of anabolic steroids remained somewhat legal. Popular with Olympic athletes till 1988s in the U.S. and around the world. However, with the increasing concerns about the harmful side effects  subsequently observed. People started raising concerns, and laws strictly established over its use and consumption.

In 1990 the Anabolic Steroid Control Act was passed, that renders any use of steroids for the bodybuilding purpose and sporting events punishable.
For medical applications, personal use of steroids is allowed under an authentic and a strict medical prescription for a recommended period.

Use of anabolic steroids, often compared to Substance abuse. However, their use cannot completely banned and regulated
If you have the possession of anabolic steroids without the certified prescription of doctors, then this leads to imprisonment and a fine of $1000. The law is very strict and is followed in the U.S. and many other countries.
If you are caught distributing the steroid to people below 21 years of age, then this mean an imprisonment for ten years. For the repeated offence, the term of jail keeps on increasing


In 2004, BALCO or Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative found involved in supplying athletes and sportspersons with various forms of anabolic steroids. Thus, after this steroid scandal George W Bush reformed the 1990 Act and added 26 more ingredients to the list of Controlled Substances.

Only registered professionals like doctors, physicians, scientific researchers, veterinarians, and dentist. Allowed by the law or law of any country to distribute, import and export these steroids.
The possession of anabolic androgenic steroids in a small amount for personal use is seen as a lesser felony than the possession of a significant amount for selling and distributing.

Apart from the US, in the U.S.A. also, anabolic steroids come under the Class C substances in the Misuse of Drugs Act with effect from 1971, and also under Schedule IV Part II of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations set up in 2001.
By far, Australia is the strictest country for the penalization of people who misuse anabolic steroids. The illegal possession and use are equivalent to a criminal offence and result in a fine of about $5000 and an imprisonment for about six months.


All around the globe, strict laws  made for the indiscriminate use of anabolic steroids. Especially by sportsmen so that an equivalent competition takes place in the arena of sports. However, sometimes miscreants present in every country who try to surpass the law. The use of anabolic steroids always shrouded in dark shadow since the 1900s with the emphasis put by media. There is no much of a substantial legal and scientific evidence for these laws. Nonetheless, the law is all governing and needs followed. For those who want to engage in bodybuilding should probably use Legal Steroids for best benefits. They are natural anabolic, safe and juridical.

You can buy legal steroids sold as dietary supplements with no restrictions. Furthermore, anabolic supplements are legal under local, state and federal laws in America.

Laws on Legal Steroids
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