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Finaplix and Trenbolone Acetate

What is Trenabol?

Trenabol  (it’s alternative Trendrolone™)  is one of the most widely used forms of anabolics. Used  all over the world by bodybuilders and athletes. The drug is used for building muscle mass and gaining muscle definition. Trendrolone™ is a highly androgenic steroid by nature. Its effects on your build and physique are mighty.

If you a bodybuilder, then you would have surely heard about it or would have used it at least once in your life. People use it during their bulking and cutting cycles. The drug is especially beneficial during the cutting period and is deemed vital to be used by the professional bodybuilders and fitness freaks for enhancing their performances.

However, no matter how amazing or attractive the effects of trenabol might be, the side effects of the drug are far worse as compared to its benefits. No other bulking steroids have side effects of such high magnitude like trenabol has. So, before you plan to give these steroids a try, do keep in mind the below-mentioned side effects.

Rash or Acne Problems

One of the most common problems faced by steroid users is the terrible effects of them on your skin. Being androgenic in nature, trenabol results in making your skin extremely oily and this ultimately makes your skin prone to breaking out.

Trenabol also messes up with your hormonal levels and cause them to change, which result in triggering acne on your other body parts as well including your chest and back. You can also expect to see a difference in your skin complexion.

Hair Issues

Use of trenabol or Trendrolone™ acetate may also trigger baldness. And, if you are already prone to this condition, then this drug is surely going to expedite the procedure. Once you start using these steroids, be ready to see your hair falling off all over the place.

Therefore, if you are on the verge of losing your hair, it is best to avoid this drug completely. What is the use of those gorgeous muscles if your bald head is going to spoil your complete look?

Hair issues from the use of trenabol are not just limited to hair loss as it has an opposite impact on the women users in the form of excessive bodily hair. And the worst part is, these side effects may never leave your sight, even if you discontinue the use of the drug. So, think a thousand times before going for these.

Gynecomastia or Man-Boobs|Bitch Tits

Interestingly, trenabol, being an androgenic steroid, doesn’t become a cause of water retention in your system. However, it can still have some impact on the male breast tissues and can cause them to swell up, resulting in gynecomastia. In addition to this awfully embarrassing condition, you may also notice soreness in your breasts.

Liver Stress

One of the highly detrimental and harmful side effects that can occur from using trenabol is the resulting liver damage. If you are already on this drug, then you need to be watchful about your liver condition. If you notice jaundice like symptoms that include fatigue, nausea, tummy aches, yellow color of your skin and eyes and deep yellowish urine, then you most certainly have developed some liver issues.

The deep yellowish color of the urine might not be a true indication of any problem because it can also result from drugs own color. However, the other symptoms are certainly not normal, and if you witness any of them, you have to seek medical attention.

Trouble Sleeping

A lot of trenabol users reportedly face issues while sleeping. The drug may cause you to feel extremely fatigued and uneasy, which may disrupt your good night sleep. The other sleep troubles you may face include the inability to fall asleep, not feeling rested enough after waking up, excessive sweating during the night, and constantly waking up.

If you face any of such issues while being on these steroids, you should instantly speak with your physician.

Blood Pressure/Cardiovascular Problems

Another very startling side effect of the drug is the damage that it can do to your heart. You can see a rapid increase in your blood pressure while using it. Therefore, it is highly imperative for you to keep a close eye on your blood pressure while being on this drug, so that you can discontinue it in the case of any danger.

Trenabol can also restrict you from carrying out any cardio exercises due to either speeding up or irregulating your heartbeat. You may feel super sweaty and short on breath while doing the slightest cardio exercises. If you feel that way, you need to stop straight away using these harmful steroids.

And if you feel any sharp pain in your chest that radiates to your left arm, shoulder or jaw, then you need to seek instant medical attention.

Hormonal Imbalance

Every man knows that testosterone is the essential male hormone that is needed to keep your manliness alive. But, usage of trenabol can badly affect the levels of testosterone in your system and may even result in infertility.

On the other hand, female users may suffer from deepening of their voices and irritation in their private parts that can have adverse effects on their intimate lives.


Apart from all the above-mentioned deadly side effects, the drug may also cause coughing. As soon as you take the drug, you may experience the coughing-fit right away or after just a little while. No one is exactly sure why this happens.


You may also experience allergic reactions to trenabol that can either be temporary or permanent. The different sorts of reactions that might occur include itching and rashes on your skin, vertigo, irritation, hives, tongue swelling and dyspnea. Whether the effects are short-term or long-term, they certainly need to be taken very seriously.

Safer Alternative – Trendrolone™ Legal Steroids by Muscle Labs

So, do all these worst side effects make trenabol worth it? Certainly not! Then how are you supposed to get those enormous muscles without exposing yourself to these health risks? Well, that’s very much possible by switching to safer and legal steroids alternatives.

The best alternative that you can find for trenabol is the “Trendrolone™ by Muscle Labs”. Muscle Labs is a renowned brand for its 100% natural anabolic supplements. The brand does not only deliver what it promises. Also its products are also completely secure and legal and require no prescription.

Therefore, if you want similar or higher benefits as trenabol, then you need to give a try to Trendrolone™ by Muscle Labs and we assure you that you will never look back.

Finaplix and Trenbolone Acetate
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